Living in Haarlem

Heilig Hart Huisvesting rents 61 apartments that are situated in the Heilig Hart Kerk. We operate our business in a professional manner on the liberated housing market in Haarlem. We would like to make sure that our tenants feel at home quickly at the Heilig Hart Kerk and in Haarlem.

We are a team of three.

Agatha Goossen has joined us early 2015. She organises viewings and she is responsible for interior decoration. She is managing the cleaning department and for possible new tenants she will be the point of contact. She is the person to contact for questions and any suggestions.Agatha can be reached via email on or by phone on +31620550866.

André Timmer is the owner and is involved in the daily business. Administration, maintenance, renting, marketing and sales is what he is responsible for. André can only be reached by email on

All cleaning activities is done by our own team of professional cleaners. And we have our own group of people for repairs and maintenance.

 Do you have any further questions about the Heilig Hart Kerk? Are you interested in a short tour or do you want to know more about the rental, please contact us!